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De Royal Chop House, which has been serving premium steaks only is one of the most prestigious, innovative and modern steakhouse located nearby the heart of Amsterdam, the Vondelpark is meant serve premium steaks only to meat lovers around the globe.

Since, Royal Chop House believes in quality and taste of steaks can only be acquired from selective beefs so De Royal Chop House uses world famous selective beefs like beef from Argentina and New Zealand, BMS A5 Wagyu beef from Japan and famous Black Angus beef from Canada.

We ensure that guests will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of premium steaks along with premium quality sea foods, poultry and vegetarian dishes with an extensive selected wine from around the globe with our exceptional sommelier and staffs on hand to assist you with your selections.
For a truly personalised dining experience, make sure to make a reservation before, through our online booking system or via telephone.

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At De Royal Chop House, your selection of steak can be paired with green salad, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic and your choice of fresh spinach, grilled mushroom, fresh green asparagus or house cut chips, with several sauces to choose from, unless its noted otherwise on the menu. For those who want a filet, tasting journey, we offer a grilled beef fillet tasting plate, containing grain-fed full blood BMS A5 Wagyu fillet from Japan, grass fed Black Angus filet and an Argentinian filet, served with several seasonal baby vegetables and several homemade sauces.

De Royal Chop House also offers a variety of non-steak dishes, for those who are seeking for something else. We also offer Fajitas. We like to recommend our delicious sea food, poultry and vegetarian dishes including fresh salmon fillet, fresh seebars fillet and gambas(Prawns) For those who do not want a whole dish, we also do have several tasty starter dishes. For example: Fresh Carpachho, seared Scallops ,etc For those who like to end their meal with something sweet, we have a variety of desserts like crème Brule, Chocolate mousse, cheese cake, apple pie and so on.

Our Grain fed Black -Angus steaks are generally rich and soft, which results in an intense burst of flavour when the juices of the meat are released. While our grass-fed Black Angus, are hand selected for their marbling and provide an intensive flavour with a clean long lasting after taste.

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De Royal Chop House - Your Favorite Steakhouse in Amsterdam

At De Royal Chop House, your meat is served in the best Dutch tradition at the right price and our portions are always on the generous side. We are known to deliver the finest quality steaks in a classic steakhouse setting and making your moments special is what we do best. We are specialized in the best cuts of steak and great wines, served by our courteous staff. We serve only premium steak, the wine list is carefully put together based on the most delicious pairings with your steaks.

We are talking about an intimate restaurant with a cozy atmosphere that serves only the finest cuts of steaks. You will find us in a neighborhood called Vondelpark, which is the largest city park in Amsterdam. This steak restaurant in Amsterdam is located at a beautiful location, that can be visited at any time and occasion.

Premium Quality Meat At The Best Steakhouse In Amsterdam

With our wide selection of premium cuts, you can relish an amazing taste of the best steak in Amsterdam at De Royal Chop House. It’s the best place to go if you love to eat good quality meat, which is why people chose it as their favorite steak restaurant in Amsterdam. The De Royal Chop House has been around for a long time. When it comes to steaks, the Royal Chop House indeed offers outstanding steak in town. In fact, it's also one of the best steakhouses in Amsterdam and arguably one of Europe's most famous restaurants.

You can't go wrong with our Argentinian filet or Black Angus filet from the menu, they are both delicious but totally different experiences. And speaking of the steak menu, our meats and fillets are paired with fresh salad greens, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, fresh spinach, and grilled veggies for a healthy and wholesome meal. Moreover, if you are feeling like having less expensive but still high-quality food, then choose from our diverse menu that has something for everyone.

Steaks Made Exclusively For You

If you're looking for a good steak, we have got you covered. The steakhouse in Amsterdam is home to one of the finest steaks in town. You can choose from beef, lamb, and seafood, all marinated in our own special recipe. We also offer a variety of non-steak dishes such as grilled mushrooms, grilled vegetables, and grilled salmon fillets.

Our menu also features a variety of vegetarian dishes, from grilled asparagus to fresh spinach. The chefs have designed meals for every mood, we are known to satisfy everyone's taste buds, whether you are looking for juicy steaks or something a little different like our vegetarian offerings.

Experience fine dining at the best steakhouse in Amsterdam

De Royal Chop House is a major name when it comes to exploring the best steak restaurants in Amsterdam. We use only world-renowned portions of beef from selected countries around the globe, including Argentina, New Zealand, BMS A5 Wagyu beef from Japan, and Black Angus beef from Canada. We are the premier steakhouse in Amsterdam, and it's not just for meat lovers, but for everyone who loves to explore the grand taste of seafood, poultry, lamb chops, grilled veggies, and much more.