6 Tips To Eat Healthy And Authentic Food

6 Tips To Eat Healthy And Authentic Food

6 Tips To Eat Healthy And Authentic Food

Necessary, to eat healthy food for us to become more healthy. There are some tips which helps to make your body healthy. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

The key to a healthy diet is:

  • Schedule your proper diet for per week and maintain your proper chart that at what time, what you have to eat, with what amount? These all entities are more important while you are going to set or schedule your eating time table.
  • Set proper diet in which all nutrients and proteins cover that is essential for the health.
  • Are you ensure that are you getting a balanced diet or not?

Men requires 2500 calories per day while women need 2000 calories in a day. Calorie is a unit of energy. Every consuming product have calories. It’s label depict the number of calories is present in the existing product with fat calculated.

There are 6 tips which helps to balanced diet that are as follows:

Eat Fruits And Vegetables Daily:

Should eat all variety of fruits and vegetables because different fruits have different nutrients and vitamins same different vegetables have different proteins.

Try!!! banana shake at the morning time it is highly benefited for our healthy fibre, vitamin and give approx. 160 calories.

Vegetables juice you can take as carrot juice is helpful for our diet.

Food Base Should Be On Starchy Carbohydrate:

In starchy carbohydates includes potatoes, bread, rice, cereals, corn, beans. Starch helps to rise the level of our blood glucose.

Don’t Miss Breakfast:

Dinner can miss but breakfast never ever can you miss. At the morning time what you are going to eat is most important and morning breakfast should be healthy. As rest of the day take light food. With healthy breakfast become your day healthy and increase concentration throughout the morning.

Healthy breakfast not effected on the over-weighted.

Drink More Water In A Day:

As we know, should drink minimum 8 glasses in a day due to about body 60% water.

Take maximum water and low fat milk is the best choice for health.

Eat Less Salt:

Take less salt in your diet because more salt increase the blood pressure. Eat less means not to eat too much less it may be harmful for heart. Childern should have even take less than 6 g.

Should Eat More Fish:

Fish is full of omega 3 fatty acids. Fish is completely loaded with nutrients, proteins and vitamins. It is helpful for the body and brain also. Omega 3 fatty acid helps to prevents from the heart disease.

Some of the fishes are healthy for the body that are as follows:

  • Salmon
  • Oysters
  • Albacore Tuna
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Freshwater coho salmon

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