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What Makes Argentinian Fillet in Amsterdam The Best in The World?

Argentina is the abode of one of the finest quality beef fillets in the world. But why is it so excellent? From the grass-fed grassland cows to the specialty beef cuts and several cooking methods, every aspect of an Argentinian steak is a piece of art. Get all the traditional, succulent, flavorful, and juicy Argentinian flavors in our fillets at De Royal Chop House in Amsterdam.

The best beef in the world is thought to come from Argentina. Even though it is rarely seasoned with anything other than salt, it is well-regarded for being unbelievably delicate and flavorful. The majority of the best Argentinian Fillet in Amsterdam is immensely ordered from our restaurant by beef connoisseurs.

How the Argentinian beef fillet is the best in class?

  • Naturally fed cattle

Speaking of Argentinian beef would be incomplete without mentioning their cows. There are many different types of cattle, but those that graze on Las Pampas’ wonderful grass yield the greatest beef.

What are the Las Pampas? Argentina’s massive portion of the primarily flat grassland is known for its moderate environment, which is ideal for cultivating nutrient-rich grass. As a result of the cows’ happy life spent grazing in the sun, Argentinian meat is leaner, more flavorful, and thus healthier.

  • No artificial feed

A good part of consuming the best Argentinian Fillet in Amsterdam is that meat is totally naturally available. Argentinian cows are less prone to any type of disease since they are allowed to roam freely and graze on the nourishing grass. In order to prevent infections, farmers no longer need to provide large doses of antibiotics to the cows.

In addition, they do not receive growth hormones either. Cattle grown in the pampas aren’t unnaturally pushed to gain weight quickly, as a result, some of the greatest steaks in the world are made with Argentinian beef.

  • Exclusive cuts

Argentinian beef has one of the best cuts in the world. This is one of the major reasons why it is so commonly preferred by the Dutch people. The best Argentinian Fillet in Amsterdam at our restaurant is sliced differently, which results in a richer flavor overall. The cuts are determined by the texture of the various parts of the cattle. This guarantees smoother cooking and a guaranteed melt-in-your-mouth experience.

  • Slow cooking for more flavors

Our certified chefs at the De Royal Chop House make sure that your Argentinian Fillet is slow-cooked to get the maximum flavors of the meat. The meat is set apart from the flame rather than being placed directly over it, where it slowly develops a delicious, smokey flavor as its internal temperature rises. That’s another explanation for why Argentinian beef, despite having less fat, comes out so soft.

  • Minimal seasonings

The best Argentinian Fillet in Amsterdam that is served at our restaurant is easy to eat with the minimum amount of seasonings required. Although the meat simply needs salt to season because it is so flavorful and wonderful, you can choose your seasonings and sides as per your preference. You can also order fries and chips from our menu, or opt for some smokey, grilled mushrooms that go best with the fillets. Moreover, the best way to enjoy the Argentinian fillets is to order a premium and aged wine from our menu.

Try the best Argentinian Fillet in Amsterdam at De Royal Chop House

When you are craving a taste of the best Argentinian fillet in Amsterdam, there’s no better place to go than De Royal Chop House. Our Argentinian beef is the king of marbled Angus and is a type of beef that is founded from the local heritages of Argentina. The fillet that we serve is produced from young cattle, providing a softer and more tender fillet, which exhibits succulent juicy flavors.

Our chefs make sure to cook the meat with all the fresh ingredients so that it oozes all kinds of subtle flavors. Argentinian beef is also popular due to its richness and tenderness. If you want your next burger or sandwich to be filled with legit Argentinian flavor, then trust us when we say that De Royal Chop House is here for you!

The Argentinian fillet that we serve has a soft and tender texture and is known for its succulent taste. We are rated as the leading brand on many popular travel platforms to serve the best Argentinian Fillet in Amsterdam, and people are loving the amazing taste of the fillets at De Royal Chop House. Visit us now!

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