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Eat Best Beef Spare Ribs in Amsterdam | Meat For Your Spirits

Are you looking for the best beef spare ribs in Amsterdam? Look no further, De Royal Chop House serves the most delectable spare ribs platter in the city. There’s nothing quite like the taste of a great plate of beef spare ribs. Whether you prepare those ribs braised, grilled, or cooked another way, creating a great dish starts with understanding the cut and the best ways to bring out its flavor. That’s something that we hold expertise in here at De Royal Chop House.

Beef Spare Ribs have become more and more popular among barbecue enthusiasts in recent years. These ribs are a classic dish found in a lot of cuisines around the world. They are usually served with barbecue sauce, but you can also make them without it, or with your favorite rubs and spices. You can eat the best beef spare ribs in Amsterdam as an appetizer or main dish at any party or special occasion.

So, What are the beef spare ribs?

Beef Spare Ribs are also known as ‘Beef Back Ribs’, and are commonly used to prepare your favorite barbecued ribs. Speaking of the characteristics of the spare ribs, these are large, beef spare ribs that need ample time to cook to give you that extra juicy and tender touch. The most delicious beef spare ribs in Amsterdam can be ordered from De Royal Chop House, we serve your ribs with sauces and sides of your choice. These are usually longer, wider, and more curved than the other meat varieties available in numerous restaurants in Amsterdam.

Where to find the best beef spare ribs in Amsterdam?

De Royal Chop House serves the best beef spare ribs near RAI and has gained a reputed name as the top favorite place for beef spare ribs in Amsterdam. Our chefs at De Royal Chop House cook and serve only carefully chosen beef and can produce steaks of the highest quality and taste, it employs only the best of the best, including famed Black Angus beef from Canada, cattle from Argentina and New Zealand, and BMS A5 Wagyu beef from Japan.

We ensure that our guests can choose their choice of steak at De Royal Chop House. They can pair up the beef spare ribs with a green salad, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and a choice of fresh spinach, grilled mushrooms, fresh green asparagus, or house-cut chips, along with a variety of freshly-made and customized sauces.

For those who are eager to embark on a fillet-tasting experience, we offer a grilled beef fillet sample plate that includes Argentinian, Black Angus, and grain-fed full blood BMS A5 Wagyu fillets that are presented with a variety of seasonal baby veggies and homemade sauces.

Enjoy the yummiest beef spare ribs in Amsterdam from us

De Royal Chop House offers the best beef spare ribs in the city along with vegetarian, fish, and poultry options in addition to a quality choice of steaks. A unique blend of international wines is available to complement your meals. Our staff holds all the expertise and will be pleased to help you make your choices at any time.

Make a reservation in advance using our online reservation system for a fully individualized dining experience, and have a pleasurable, delicious meal. Our restaurant is known to offer the best sauces, honoring the very best aspects of real beef ribs, grills, and BBQs. In addition, we provide a variety of in-house sauces that are served with your dishes. Select from tomato sauce, creamy garlic sauce, or savory and spicy garlic pepper sauce.

Since our chefs are passionate about making sure that every meal is cooked to perfection, you will want to come to our restaurant whenever you are in Amsterdam and desiring the best beef spare ribs in Amsterdam along with BBQs and grilled food.

We list a number of reasons why you should adore De Royal Chop House. When you enter our restaurant, you’ll immediately feel as though you are entering a warm, welcoming space where you can enjoy our famed delicate steaks, tender beef ribs, fresh seafood, and acclaimed world-class service.

We are Amsterdam’s top steakhouse, and we welcome everyone who enjoys the exquisite flavors of beef ribs, fish, chicken, lamb chops, grilled vegetables, and much more.

Vegetarian options are also available on our menu, including grilled asparagus and fresh spinach. We are known for satisfying everyone’s taste buds, whether you are seeking juicy steaks or something a little different, like our vegetarian selections. The chefs have created meals for every mood. Visit us today!

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